Modern Bauhaus-like style creates a harmonious dialog between the natural elements and how they interact within a space to create a connection between the interior space and the external environment it exists within.

Design by Hila Marin Studio specializes in finding unique design solutions for private luxury houses, businesses and all other modern spaces.  When our studio touches your project, we offer a complete creative design experience for all aspects of your space.

Our complete design solutions for property owners includes everything it takes to transform an empty space into a peaceful, functional, and beautiful location. We design everything from carpentry to carpets, furniture to fixtures, lighting to landscaping, and paint to paintings.  Basically everything from the major elements down to the finest details.

Our core client-focused approach offers only the highest level of personal service with exceptional and continuous dialog between us and our clients. We are extremely sensitive to strict timetables and budgetary requirements while bringing your dream into reality.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on your next project.

Hila Marin Shtibel-Shperling

Hila Marin Shtibel-Shperling

Interior Architect & Designer

Hila established her design studio in 2002. She holds a BA in Architecture and Interior Design from Robert Gordon University in Scotland.